Lego Is The Name of The Season

The Museum of American Heritage is hosting the 8th Annual LEGO Show with an array of LEGO sculptures.


Want to see an amazing display of LEGO bricks? We checked out the display at the Museum of American Heritage.

This past weekend we headed over to the special exhibit of the 8th Annual Holiday LEGO Show at the Museum of American Heritage. The museum is located in three buildings on Homer Street in downtown Palo Alto. The LEGO exhibit is located in the Learning Center – behind the main part of the museum.

We happen to be a LEGO family. And, while this might change for our son as he grows up – it’s unlikely to change for his dad (who has been collecting LEGO sets for as long as I have known him). And, as a toy, I don’t see a down-side to Lego in general. Creativity soars as they are manipulated by the engineer and the artist alike. 

We had heard about the Lego display at the museum – and this was our first visit to the museum itself. We had, though, visited Heritage Park directly across Homer Street from the museum. From toddler days this has been a popular park. It has a large rock structure for climbing – and a play structure in the shape of a steam train.

The visit turned out to be a lot of fun. The LEGO display was fun for everyone to see. And, the standing exhibits in the museum were also great.

The LEGO display featured an extensive LEGO train display. We watched two long trains and one monorail running their routes. Cows in the wilderness turned their heads as the trains went by. And, at one end of the display a large valley features more trains running by on bridges. We were pretty sure that this is a display which is shown on rotation at different venues. We had seen the same set-up (though perhaps minus some 2011 updates) at a Great Train Expo a couple of years ago.

What was fun this time was that the LEGO exhibit also included displays of other LEGO creations – pieces of LEGO sculpture and spaceship creations. A huge LEGO model of the Battleship Yamato is cool to see. Overall, a very inspiring display for active or aspiring LEGO builders.

The 8th Annual Holiday LEGO exhibt can be seen until January 15.

To find out more about the Museum of American Heritage and its hours.

The Bay Area LEGO Users Group and Train Club is the group that put together the LEGO exhibit.


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