ViewFinder: Magic at Firefly Willows

It's not about pulling rabbits out of hats at this workshop, which taught about oils.

Firefly Willows is offering magic classes once a month. For $5, instructors focus on certain topics such as working with oils and runes. Each class usually has between four to eight students in a very intimate environment consisting of small tables for work and refreshments.

The class held on June 22nd dealt with mixing oils. These oils can be used to assist with relationships and job resumes, said instructor Mary Beth Crawford Lewis. Specific instruction was given to students regarding small details such as how many drops of each oil should be used and whether to mix during a waxing or waning moon.

The shop, in downtown Los Altos, reaches out to customers to see what they would like to learn about. To find out about upcoming classes on a wide span of topics, visit the Firefly Willows website.


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