'Friends of Los Altos' Non-Profit Announced

The formation of the Friends of Los Altos non-profit organization was announced Monday by its founding Board of Directors.

Friends of Los Altos is a non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer-run organization comprised of City of Los Altos residents.

Founded in 2013, Friends of Los Altos was created to ensure that issues of critical importance and decisions with long-lasting impact reflect the values of the broader community of Los Altans.

“Friends of Los Altos is intended to serve as a bridge within our community,” said founding Board President David Casas. “Our goals are to inform our elected officials and our community on issues important to Los Altans, and to advocate for decisions that reflect the values of City of Los Altos residents.”

Similar to the mission of the City of Los Altos, the mission of the Friends of Los Altos is to maintain and foster the City of Los Altos as a great place to live and to raise and educate a family, by protecting its essential character so cherished by Los Altans.
The organization is committed to a balanced, unbiased, fact-based approach focused on continuing fiscal responsibility.

As such, Friends of Los Altos will be identifying, informing, endorsing and supporting candidates for the Los Altos City Council and the Los Altos School District Board of Trustees in the November 2014 election.

Founding Board of Directors

Collectively, the founding Directors of the Friends of Los Altos have lived in the City of Los Altos for over 120 years.
Their extensive leadership experience includes nearly 35 years on the Los Altos City Council and the Los Altos School District Board of Trustees.
They have served as the Mayor of Los Altos for five years, and as officers of the Los Altos School District Board of Trustees as well as several Los Altos Commissions.

Their service to Los Altans also includes leadership positions with a broad range of non-profit organizations, including the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts. Two Board members have been honored with Los Altos-Los Altos Hills Joint Community Volunteer Service Awards.
  • President David Casas
  • Vice President Lou Becker
  • Secretary Ron Packard
  • Treasurer Faye Chapman
In addition, the Board of Directors has identified subject matter experts who are representative of the Los Altos community to serve as its Advisors, including Jerry Moison, Buffy Poon, Duane Roberts, Denise Welch, and Andy Wong.

Friends of Los Altos has filed its articles of incorporation as a 501(c)(4) organization.

Please visit www.FriendsOfLosAltos.org for more information and to sign up to receive the organization’s periodic emails on topics of vital concern to City of Los Altos residents, or write to Friends of Los Altos, P. O. Box 3314, Los Altos, CA 94024.


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